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Exchange Rs 5 note for 2 lakh rupee | Know the Process Here

Exchange Rs 5 note for 2 lakh rupee | Know the Process Here

If you also have a hobby of collecting old and rare coins and notes and then hobby can help you in becoming a millionaire by sitting at home. It is to be noted that you can exchange an old Rs 5 note online to earn lakhs of rupees. If you are in possession of a Rs 5 note which has a photo of a farmer driving a tractor and which has 786 printed on it then you can earn 2 lakh rupees on some websites, according to reports.

Let us tell you that the online auction has been going on for many years and people have received crores of rupees by exchanging old and rare coins, notes online. You can auction old coins, notes easily on websites like eBay.

If you also have a clean photo of the above mentioned Rs 5 note then you need to upload it on the website. The process of auction will start once you will upload the photo of Rs 5 note on the website.

According to reports, a 1018-year-old coin of Mecca Madina was auctioned for Rs 2.5 crores. The picture of Mecca Medina was made on this coin and 786 was also inscribed on it. A coin of Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board was also sold for Rs 50 lakh. The coin had the image of Maa Durga on it.

Why is this note special? 

There is one such Rs 5 note that you can easily sell for thousands of rupees. The number 786 (Rs 5 Note 786) should be written on this note because it is unique. This note should also have a tractor (Rs 5 Note With Tractor Value). If you have one of these notes, you can exchange it for Rs 2 lakh.

Terms and conditions

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) released this 'Extremely Rare Notes India' note. If you also have this message in such a case, consider yourself lucky. For this one note, you can make thousands of dollars. There are numerous websites where old notes and coins are being bought and sold in large quantities at the moment. If your old notes and coins meet the requirements, you can get a lot of money for them.

Where can you sell? 

Let us inform you that this particular currency note is tough to come by. If you have Rs 5 tractor notes, you can exchange them for up to Rs 2 lakh. Many businesses, such as ShopClues and Marudhar Arts, can sell their old cash for a good price from the comfort of their own homes. Aside from that, money is abundant on coinbazzar.com in exchange for obsolete notes. These sites, in fact, provide a good price for the old money.

You can upload a photo of your old note to these companies' websites and sell it for a nice sum.

To do so, you must first visit their website and then register as a seller.

After that, you can upload your note's image to the online upload cell.

- From there, interested parties will contact you directly, and you will be able to set your own rate
Source: DNA India & ZeeNews 

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