In 2004, Carmen Greentree- a pro surfer, aged 22, was held captive and repeatedly raped by Rafiq Ahmad Dundoo on a houseboat named ‘Y H Sunbeam’ on Dal Lake in Kashmir.

Now at the age of 37, married and with three kids, Carmen has released a book named “A Dangerous Pursuit Of Happines” to narrate her ordeal.

After missing out on qualifying for the Women’s World Championship Tour in 2003, Carmen chose to explore the spiritual path by taking a course at the Dalai Lama’s ashram in Dharamshala, in northern India.

Upon reaching New Delhi, Carmen, fell victim to scammers posing as government tourism operators. They convinced her to fly to Srinagar to make her journey to the Dharamshala. Eventually, Carmen was forced to stay in a room in the houseboat where she was raped and beaten for over two months.

Carmen was rescued by the police after her captor made the mistake of seeking money from her family.

In her book, Carmen talks about her wild and harrowing true story of how she overcame trauma and adversity.

In “A Dangerous Pursuit Of Happiness” Carmen talks about how her captor’s family including Dundoo’s elderly mother and father, two brothers, and his wife, did nothing to help her.

The Australian Author alleged that she was forced to work around the boat helping women with chores & was forced to wear traditional Muslim dress.

Now after sixteen years, Carmen works in holistic medicine and lives on the banks of Lake Illawarra, south of Wollongong, Australia, with her husband Grant and three children.

Earlier this week, Carmen was contacted by a man in Britain who said he was too held on the same boat by the same family nine years ago and all this money was taken away.

Australian High Commission staff had stated that other travellers had too made reports with the same story.