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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Photo Story: Kashmir Univ students protest anti-Islam film

A peaceful protest rally was held at the University of Kashmir against the blasphemous film made by an Israeli-American. Protests started soon after the Friday prayers and a gathering of students started marching in the campus shouting slogans of ,”Amrika ke aiwano ko aag lagado lagado”,”super power one Allah la ilaha illalah”,”yanha kya chlega nizame Mustafa”, among several other slogans condemning the shameful act west and its war on Islam.

The students reiterated their allegiance to Muslim unity and called the Muslims to unite and resist the anti-Islamic moves of the wet. In an emotionally charged atmosphere the students shouted the slogans and carried the banners of, ”behead those who insult Islam”. The protest rally started from the University Masjid and dispersed peacefully at the same place after marching through the entire campus.

As the rally reached Allama Iqbal library, the students trampled upon a big American flag kicking it and before finally burning it and tearing it to pieces. The students called upon the Muslim ruler’s world over to shun their boot-licking of the Zionist west and stand up against the western slavery and oppression as well as their give a befitting response to the insults on Islam.

A banner held by a student during the protest read, “Arab countries cut off oil supply to the west”. Pro-freedom slogans were also vehement raised by the students.

The students also paid tributes to the 17 persons killed in Kashmir on 13 September 2010 while protesting against the desecration of the Quran in United States.

The protest rally coincided with similar rallies held in the whole of Muslim world highlighting Kashmir allegiance to Islam and oneness with the whole Muslim world.
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