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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kashmir University Students hold sit-in, say 'down with Buddhist terrorism'

Students at the University of Kashmir Wednesday while holding a sit-in solidarity with the Muslims in Syria and Burma condemned "the unprecedented blood shed in both the countries.
The students while holding the sit-in the Allama Iqbal Library lawn pressed upon the "Muslim countries to act forthwith and bring an end to the killings".
The students held banners stating: "Down with Assad-The butcher”, “down with Buddhist terrorism in Burma”. Another banner read: ”O ‘Muslims of Syria and Burma, Kashmir is with you”.
“The killing of Rohingya Muslims in Burma is not being highlighted in the media because of the recent transition from military to democracy, as it doesn’t want to expose killings in a democratic set-up, and its ugly underbelly," said a student.
"Also since the victims are Muslims the media is turning is blind eye to it“, said one of the student.
The students emphasized that "Muslims are being subjected to brutal oppression world over and that the solution of the problem lay in returning to Islam and away from western slavery."
Muslims in Syria are being left at the mercy of geo-political interests of western powers and Russia, while the Muslim world headed by corrupt and incompetent rulers watch on as mute spectator, said another student.
"Unity is of paramount importance in face of such atrocities and oppression," he added.
“The voice against tyranny and suppression always resonates in Kashmir University no matter where it is committed,” said another student.
The students also denounced "the hypocritical stance of Western media on the killings of Muslims in Burma."
The sit-in concluded with a congregational prayer for the Muslims in Syria, Burma and in "the entire Muslim world as well as the oppressed".

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