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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Syllabus For Philosophy 3rd Year (University of Kashmir)

Philosophy 3rd Year
Paper (A) Marks: 75

Outlines of Indian Philosophy

Unit –i
1. Nature of Indian Philosophy: Plurality as well as common concerns.
2. Carvaka School: Its epistemology, metaphysics and ethics.

1. Buddhism: Theory of Pramnas.
2. Nyaya: theory of Pramanas; the individual self and its liberation; the idea of God and proofs for His exixtence.

1. Sankhya: Causation; prakrti: its constituents, evolutes and arguments for its existence; purusa: arguments for its existence; plurality of purusas; relationship between prakrti and pursa
2. Yoga: Yoga; citta and citta- vritti; eightfold path; God.

1. Kashmir Shavism: Basic concepts with special reference to Abhinava Gupta and Lalded.
2. A Critical introduction to the views of Gandhi-Non-Violence, truth, Vivekanand; humanism; Sri Aurobindo- theor of Evolution; Tgore- Religion of Man

Suggested Readings:- M. Hiriyanna : Outlines Of Indian Philosophy
- C.D. Sharma : A Critical Survey Of Indian Philosophy
- S.N. Dasgupta : A History Of Indian Philosophy, Vols –I To V
- S. Radhakrishnan : Indian Philosophy, Vols, I & II
- T.R.V. Murti : Central Philosophy Of Buddhism
- J. N. Mohanty : Reason And Tradition In Indian Thought
- R. D. Ranade : A Constructive Survey Of Upanisadic Philosophy
- P.T. Raju : Structural Depths Of Indian Thoughts
- K.C. Bhattacharrya : Studies Of Philosophy, Vol1.1
- Data & Chatterjee : Introduction To Indian Philosophy
- A.K. Warder : Indian Buddhism
- R. Puligandla : Fundamentals Of Indian Philosophy
- T.M.P. Mahadevan : An Outline Of Hinduism
- M.Hiriyana : Essentials Of Indian Philosophy
- J.K. Koul : Lalded
- B.N. Pandita : Aspects Of Kashmir Shivism.
- Dr.D.R.Bali : Modern Indian Thought (Sterline)

Philosophy 3rd Year
Paper (B) Marks: 75


1. Philosophy of religion: Nature and concerns
2. Religious: Origin and types: religion without God: atheism, theism, deism, pantheism.

1. Reason, faith and revelation
2. The concept of dharma
3. Attributes of God; Omniscience, Omnipotence, omnipresence, eternity, goodness, the problems of evil.

UNIT-III1. Proofs for the existence of God: Indian and Western
2. Prayer and Bhakti
3. Immortality of the Souil, transmigration and the doctrine of Karma.

1. Religious experience: Brahmanubhava; mysticism
2. Religious language: cognitivist and non-congnitivist debate.

Suggested Readings:
- John Hick : Philosophy of Religion
- D.A. Trueblood : Philosophy of Religion
- Mc Pherson : The Philosophy of Religion
- John Dewey : A Common Faith
- Chemparathy : Indian National Theology (This book contains an English) translation of
- Udayana’s Nyayakusumanjali
- D.M. Edwards : The Philosophy of Religion
- N.K. Brahma : Philosophy of Hindu Sadhana
- K.S. Murthy : The Realm of Between
- S. Radhakrishnan : Eastern Religions and Western Thought
- L. Pojman (ed). : The Philosophy of Religion
- R. Swinburne : The Existence of God
- D.P. Chattopadhyaya : Indian Atheism

Philosophy 3rd Year


1. Historical Background of Islam: Basic Principles of Islam.

1. Mutazilities and Agharities School of thought, Rational movements and Impact of Greek thoughts

1. Elementary Study of Al-Farabi and Ibnsina; Al-Gazali Method of doubt and Ethical ideas.
2. Muslim Philosophy in the West; Ibn Khaldum and Ibn Arabi

1. Contemporary Scene; A critical introduction to philosophical aspects of the Writtings of the Following thinkers:
a) Dr. Iqbal
b) Maulana Abdul Ala Maududi
c) Ayatollah Khomeni.

Suggested Readings:
- T.S. De Boer : The History of Philosophy of Islam
- Dr. Iqbal : Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam.
- Amir Ali : The Spirit of Islam
- M.M. Sharief : The History of Muslim Philosophy
- M.Fakhry : The History of Islamic Philosophy

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