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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Syllabus For B.A 3rd Year (Political Science) 2011


Unit I:
1.1 Nature and Scope of International Relations.
1.2 Approaches to the Study of International Relations:
a) Liberalism, Neo-liberalism
b) Realism, Neo-Realism
c) System Approach
1.3 Balance of Power
1.4 Theory of Imperialism and neo-imperialism

Unit II:
2.1 National Power: Concept, Meaning and Role
2.2 Elements of National Power: Tangible and intangible Elements.
2.3 National Interest: Meaning, Nature and Kinds
2.4 National Interest and Foreign Policy; Role of Diplomacy

Unit III:
3.1 Cold War, D├ętente and New Cold War
3.2 End of Cold War and Aftermath
3.3 NAM: Development, Role and Contemporary Relevance
3.4 North-South Divide and Dialogue and South-South Co-Operation, New International Economic Order.

Unit IV:
4.1 Actors of International Relations
a) UNO—Structure, Functions and Reforms
4.2 Regionalism with Special Reference to European Union and SAARC.
4.3 International Political Economy: Globalization and Role of WTO
4.4 Specific Issues:
a) Human Rights—Conventions and Role of Amnesty International and Asia Watch.
b) Environment: Concern and Conventions (Rio Summit and Kyoto Protocol)

Books Recommended:
1. John Bayles, Steve Smith, Patricia Owen; The Globalization of World Politics; An Introduction to International Relations, (Oxford University Press), fourth Edition, 2008.
2. Joseph S. Nye, Jr.; Understanding International Conflicts: An Introduction to Theory and History , (Pearson, Education), Sixth Edition-2008
3. Joshua S. Gold Stein; International Relation, Pearson Education
4. Michael G. Roskin, Nicholas O. Berry ; International Relations: The New World of International Relations, Prentice Hall of India, Private Limited, New Delhi, 2002.
5. Paul R.Viltti, Mark. V. Kauppi; International Relations and World Politics; (Security, Economy, Identity, (Pearson, Education), Third Edition-2007
6. Peu Ghosh; International Relations, PHI, New Delhi, 2009.
7. Robert Jackson & George Sorensen; Introduction to International Relations; (Theories and Approaches, ) (Oxford University Press) Third Edition- 2008
Annexure-I to the notification No.F(Prescription/Repetition syllabi-UG)Acad/KU/11 dated 28-03-2011


Unit I:
1.1 Comparative Politics: Meaning, Nature and Scope; distinction between comparative Government and Politics
1.2 Concept of State and Political System
1.3 Constitutionalism.
1.4 a) Behaviouralism and its Post-Behavioral Critique
b) System’s Theory
c) Structural-Functional Approach.

Unit II:
2.1 Political Socialization: Meaning and Agencies
2.2 Political Culture: Meaning and Types
2.3 Political Participation: Meanings, Levels and Determinants of Political Participation.
2.4 Political Development and Political Modernization

Unit III: Political Institutions and Actors:
3.1 Party System:
a) Typology of party system.
b) Party system of China, US and UK.
3.2 Interest/Pressure Groups: Meaning, Classification and Functions.
3.3 Social Movements: Meaning and Significance; Chipko and Narmada Bachaw Andolan
3.4 Electoral Systems—first-past-the post system, Proportional representation.

Unit IV:
4.1 Federalism with special reference to its working in USA and Switzerland.
4.2 Presidential form of Government; Features and Working with reference to USA.
4.3 Parliamentary System of Government; Features and Working with reference to UK.
4.4 Constitutional Innovations: A Case Study of South Africa—reconciliation and retribution, consociationalism, Justiciable Socio-economic rights.

Books Recommended:
1. Almond & Others; Comparative Politics Today—A World View, Pearson New Delhi.
2. Almond. G. A & S. Verba; The Civic Culture: Political Attitudes and Democracy in Five Nations, Princeton NJ, Princeton University Press, 1963.
3. Bara, Judith and Mauk Pennington; Comparative Politics, Sage, New Delhi-2009.
4. Goodin, Robert E & Hans. Dieter Klingemann (eds); A New Handbook of Political Science. London; Oxford University Press, 1996
5. Green, Decenber & Laura Luehramnn; Comparative Politics of the Third World Linking Concepts and Cases, Viva Books, New Delhi, 2004.
6. Haynes, Jeffrey; Comparative Politics in a Globalizing World, UK, Polity Press, 2005
7. Heywood, Andrew; Politics, Palgrave—Macmillan, London, 2002.
8. R. Hague and M. Harrop; Comparative Government and Politics: An Introduction ,Palgrave, New York, 2001
9. Ray S. N; Comparative Politics, Prentice Hall of India, New Dlehi.


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