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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Syllabus For 2nd Year General English (University of Kashmir)

General English B. Com 2nd Year
Module: 1
Paper: A
Max. Marks: 75
Min. Marks: 27

Unit – I: Poems
1. Shakespeare : All the World’s a Stage
2. Ben Jonson : On Shakespeare
3. Robert Herrick : Gather Ye Rosebuds
4. William Wordsworth : Nutting
5. P.B. Shelley : Ozymandias of Egypt
6. Robert Browning : The Last Ride Together
7. Nissim Ezekeil : Night of the Scorpion

Unit – II: Prose
1. Sister Nivedita : The Judgment Seat of Vikramditya
2. Oscar Wild : The Selfish Giant
3. R. K. Narayan : The Engine Trouble
4. Jerome K. Jerome : Uncle Rodger Hangs a Picture

Unit – III: Prose1. Stephen Leacok : The Conjuror’s Revenge
2. Aldous Huxley : J. C. Bose
3. C. P. Snow : Hardy & Ramanujan
4. Padmini Sen Gupta : The Position of Women in Ancient India

Unit – IV: Drama
1. Lady Gregory : The Rising of the Moon
2. Arthur Conan Doyle : Waterloo
3. Anton Chekhov : The Proposal
4. JM Synge : Riders to the Sea
5. Rupert Brooke : Lithuania

Examination Pattern: In the examination there will be five questions:
• Q1 will consist of three parts, each part containing one piece with alternative from Units I-III for reference to the context and candidates will be required to attempt three, selection one from each part.
• Q2-Q4 will be essay type questions with internal/parallel choices based on Units I-III.
• Q5 will be an essay type questions on Unit I with an alternative from Unit – III.

Suggested Readings:
1. Verities of Expression Edited by Tak & Aslam.

General English B. Com 2nd Year
Module: 1
Paper: B
Max. Marks: 75
Min. Marks: 27

Unit – I
• Report Writing 20 marks

Unit – II
• Formal/Informal letter writing 15 marks

Unit – III
a. Stress pattern in words in different parts of speech (10 words to be given from nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs for making stress on the relevant syllables).
b. Sentence stress (five sentences to be given for showing stress on relevant words). 5 marks
c. Writing greetings, sending messages and making requests. 10 marks

Unit – IV• Summarizing a passage (Note: it should not be a precise). 10 marks
• Translating an Urdu/Hindi passage/dialogue into English. 10 marks

Examination Pattern:
The question paper will consist of five questions:
• Q1 & Q2 will have internal/parallel choices.
• Q3 will have three parts based on (a), (b) and (c) in Unit – III
• Q4 will have one long passage for summarizing without any questions.
• Q5 will contain a passage/dialogue in Urdu/Hindi to be translated into English. Word for word translation will not be accepted.

Suggested Readings:1. Comprehend & Compose II by Geetha Nagaraj.
2. Listening & Speaking II by V. Sasikumar & others.