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Saturday, January 1, 2011

M.A. Sociology

MA Sociology

Note: The syllabus prescribed for the entrance test has been divided into fifteen units. Each unit carries a weightage of four marks. Paper setters are required to set four multiple choice type questions with only one correct or most appropriate answer separately for each unit, giving uniform representation to the whole syllabus contained therein.

Unit 1 Sociology as a Discipline
·         Nature and Subject Matter of Sociology
·         Emergence and Development of Sociology as a Discipline: Impact of Enlightenment, French Revolution & Industrial Revolution

Unit 2 Sociological Thinkers
·         August Comte: Law of Three Stages, Social Statics and Social Dynamics, Hierarchy of Sciences
·         Emile Durkheim: Division of Labour, Religion & Totem, Suicide
·         Karl Marx: Class Conflict Theory, Religion
·         Max Weber: Social Action, Authority, Bureaucracy
·         R. K. Merton: Concept of Function, Functional Postulates, Anomic Theory
·         Vilferdo Pareto: Theory of Elites

Unit 3 Basic Concepts
·         Society; Community
·         Association; Organization
·         Status and Role
·         Social Groups: Primary, Secondary and Reference

Unit 4 Sociological perspectives
·         Positivism
·         Functionalism
·         Interactionism
·         Conflict Perspective

Unit 5 Research Methodology-I
·         Scientific Method
·         Research Design
·         Hypothesis
·         Sampling

Unit 6 Research Methodology-II
·         Tools of Data Collection
·         Questionnaire
·         Interview
·         Observation
·         Case Study
·         Social Survey

Unit 7 Culture
·         Concept and Features
·         Components of Culture: Language, Beliefs, Norms and Values
·         Processes of Culture: Acculturation, Assimilation and Diffusion

Unit 8 Social Processes
·         Socialization
·         Social Conflict
·         Social Control

Unit 9 Social Institutions
·         Marriage: Concept, Types
·         Family: Concept and Types
·         Kinship: Terms, Usages and Rules
·         Religion: Concept and Forms; Magic and Totem

Unit 10 Social Demography
·         Concept of Social Demography
·         Theories of Demography: Malthusian theory, Demographic Transition theory and Optimum Population Theory
·         Components of Population Growth: Fertility, Mortality and Migration

Unit 11 Social Change
·         Concept and features of Social Change
·         Processes of Social Change: Westernization, Industrialization, Urbanization, Sanskritization

Unit 12 Indian Society
·         Composition of Indian Society: Religious, Lingual and Ethnic
·         Concept and Features of Caste
·         Theories of Caste: G. S. Ghurye, J. H. Hutton, Louis Dumont

Unit 13 Rural and Urban Society
·         Rural Society: Features
·         Jajmani System
·         Panchayati Raj
·         Urban Society: Features
·         Rural-Urban Continuum

Unit 14 Social Issues
·         Dowry
·         Unemployment
·         Drug Abuse
·         Youth Unrest
·         Child Labour
·         Slums
·         Poverty
·         Juvenile Delinquency

Unit 15 Development Programmes in India
·         Integrated Child Development Services
·         Integrated Rural Development Programme
·         Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme
·         National Rural Employment Guarantee Act