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Saturday, January 1, 2011

M.A Education

Syllabus for P. G. Entrance Test (M.A Education)
Total Marks: 60

Unit-I Educational Sociology & Culture
a) Meaning and Scope of Sociology & Educational Sociology
b) Meaning, Definitions and Components of Culture
c) Relationship of Culture with Education. (4)

Unit-II Social Change
a) Meaning and Definitions
b) Factors: Economic, Social and Political
c) Education and Social Change (Education as an Agent, Instrument & Effect of Social change) (4)

Unit-III Social Problems
a) Poverty
b) Illiteracy
c) Child Labour
d) Drug Abuse
e) General Discrimination. (4)

Unit-IV Theories of Learning
a) Trial and Error Theory – Thorndike
b) Conditioning Theory – Pavlov
c) Insightful Learning – Kohler et.al. (4)

Unit-V Intelligence
a) Concept of Intelligence & I.Q.
b) Theories of Intelligence – Two factor theory (Spearman)

– Multi factor theory (Thorndike)
– Group factor theory (Thurstone) (4)
Unit-VI Personality
a) Meaning and Definitions
b) Theories of Personality:
i. Type Theory – Sheldon, Krechmer & Jung
ii. Trait Theory – Allport
iii. Self Theory – Carl Rogers. (4)

Unit-VII Philosophy & Education:
a) Meaning of Philosophy its relation with Science & Religion
b) Branches of Philosophy – (Epistemology, Axiology, Ontology)
c) Meaning of Education its relationship with Philosophy.
d) Significance of Educational Philosophy (4)

Unit-VIII Idealism & Pragmatism
a) Underlying Assumption of Idealism & Pragmatism as a school of Philosophy
b) Aims of Education
c) Curriculum
d) Concept of freedom and discipline.
e) Role of Teacher (4)

Unit-IX Educational thought of the following
a) John Dewy
b) Allama Iqbal
c) Tagore
d) Vivekananda (4)

Unit-X Educational in Ancient and Medival India
a) Vedic Education – Salient features, Aims, Process of Education and Curriculum
b) Buddhist Education – Salient features, Aims, Process of Education and Curriculum
c) Muslim Education - Salient features, Aims, Process of Education and Curriculum (4)

Unit-XI Education in British India – I & II
a) Macaulay’s Minutes (1835)
b) Wood’s Despatch (1854)
c) Indian Education Commission (1882)
d) Sadler Commission Report (1917)
e) Wardha Scheme (1937)
f) Sargent Report (1944) (4)

Unit-XII Educational in Post Independence Era
a) Radha Krishnan Commission (1948)
b) Mudaliar Commission (1953)
c) Kothari Commission (1964-66)
d) National Policy on Education, NPE (1986) & programme of action (POA). (4)

Unit-XIII Secondary Education
a) Objectives
b) Present status of Secondary Education Institutions
c) Vocationalization of Secondary Education and its remedial measures. (4)

Unit-XIV Higher Education
a) Objectives
b) Present Status of Higher Education Institution
c) Problems of quality control and finances and remedial measures
d) Private initiative in Higher Education (4)

Unit-XV Value Education & Environmental Education
a) Need importance and development of human values
b) Education for Human rights
c) Nature Meaning and importance of Environmental Education
d) Programmes of Environmental Education. (4)