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Saturday, January 1, 2011

M. Sc. Environmental Science

Model Syllabus for the Entrance Examination for Admission to the M. Sc. Course in Environmental Science

Earth Science
 Unit I
1. Earth : its origin and evolution
2. Structure of earth
3. Types of Rocks and Weathering of Rocks
4. Major River systems of India with special reference to Kashmir.

Unit II
5. World population, its growth, density and distribution and impact on environment
6. Forests resources in India
7. Mineral and Power Resources in India
8. Physiography and Mineral Resources of Jammu & Kashmir

Unit III
9. Natural Disasters
10. Major man-induced disasters: Bhopal and Chernobyl Disaster
11. Structure and Composition of Atmosphere.
12. Climate of India.

Unit IV
13. Soil formation and soil profile.
14. Soil types of India
15. Soil erosion & conservation of soil
16. Desertification.

Physical and chemical Science
Unit V
17. Water - physical characteristics, buffering capacity
18. Essential and trace elements in living systems
19. Bio-geochemical cycles – carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus
20. Hydrological cycle and global water balance

Unit VI
21. Toxicity of Heavy metals.
22. Drugs – Synthesis and uses of aspirin, paracetamol and phenylbutazone
23. Nature & synthetic polymers & their use
24. Bio-molecules-chemical components of cells

Life science
Unit VII
25. Photosynthesis
26. Respiration
27. Plant growth hormones.
28. Dormancy and seed germination.

29. Origin of life
30. Structure of DNA
31. Genetic engineering
32. Pathogenicity and control of human parasites

Unit IX
33. Eco-system: structure & types
34. Types of succession
35. Lake types
36. Zoo-geographical divisions of the world & their important flora & Fauna.

Unit X
37. Atmospheric pollution: causes, consequences and control.
38. Aquatic pollution: causes, consequences and control.
39. Land pollution: causes, consequences and control
40. Noise pollution

Unit XI
41. Pesticide problem
42. Water borne diseases
43. Management of solid wastes
44. Primary, secondary & tertiary treatment of sewage treatment plant

Unit XII
45. Non-renewable energy resources: Fossil fuels (coal and petroleum)
46. Wild life of Jammu and Kashmir.
47. Forest degradation & conservation measures
48. Eco- friendly products and techniques; non polluting energy sources

49. Plants & animals in use of man
50. Role of microbes in the environment
51 IUCN Categories of threatened species
52. Threatned animals & plants of India & their conservation.

Unit XIV
53. Global Environmental issues: ozone depletion and global warming
54. Acid rain and Smog
55. International Conventions: Stockholm, Earth summit, Montreal and Kyoto protocol.
56. Environmental Education

Mathematical Science
Unit XV
57. Measures of central tendency: Mean, Median and Mode
58. Statistical methods ; mean deviation; coefficient of variation and standard deviation
59. Correlation and Regressions
60. Probability